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Quality of life is easy to find in Calgary. 

Whether you’re looking for a great suburban neighbourhood to raise a family or want to live the urbanist life in the heart of the city, Calgary has award-winning communities and vibrant spaces.

Seek the serene in well-designed and safe neighbourhoods outside the city’s core, or go urban in an arts and cultural district, minutes from bouncing nightlife and great restaurants.

Calgary has both of these lifestyles in its communities, and everything in between.

Calgary Communities

Calgary is rated one of the top five cities in the world in which to live: it’s one of the safest and cleanest cities anywhere on the planet.

This all starts at the community level.

Calgary is divided into four main quadrants (northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest) and laid out in a grid system. Streets run from north to south, while avenues run east to west.

Each of these quadrants is comprised of many distinct communities: there are now 184 individual Calgary neighbourhoods. These communities are clean, safe and well-designed, and each has its own unique benefits.

The inner city, including the downtown core, comprises all four quadrants, and includes more densely populated residential areas and commercial districts. Beyond these communities lie Calgary’s expansive suburban neighbourhoods.

Browse Calgary’s communities on our Community Map, and follow the links provided to learn about each neighbourhood in our city.

The Calgary Region

When you live in one of the many communities close to Calgary, you enjoy all the friendly comforts of small town living, plus the advantages of nearby big city services and opportunities.

It’s a way of life that’s become increasingly popular, especially for young families in the area. Being close to a larger centre allows people to travel into the city for work, specialized medical care, concerts or classes.

There are 18 very diverse municipalities and one First Nation (theTsuu T’ina) in the Calgary region, from Banff in the west toWheatland County in the east, and from Airdrie in the north toNanton in the south.

Some towns in the region – Canmore, Okotoks and Strathmore, for example – are among the fastest-growing communities in the province, and have more than doubled their population over the last decade.

You can see why: some of the finest untouched wilderness areas in all of Canada are on the doorstep, with limitless opportunities for hiking, camping, skiing, fishing and just about every other outdoor activity imaginable.

These small towns also have all the advantages of modern, well-serviced communities.

Schools are well established, and offer a range of specialty subject and extra-curricular choices. Many towns have their own hospitals and municipal services, including recreation facilities, police and fire departments and road links with Calgary.

Browse the towns in the Calgary Region in Around Calgary, and follow the links provided to learn more about each unique community.

The Calgary Regional Partnership website also provides valuable information on life just outside of the city boundaries.


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