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Mortgage Awareness

October 19th, 2015

Mortgage Awareness

Quoting mortgage broker   “Kymberly Ezzard”

  • Some banks have introduced a plan to gain greater control over their clients by way of a collateral mortgage pledging your equity to the bank.
  • Beware of collateral mortgages and a clause called a “re-advance clause”. Ask your lawyer for a full explanation.
  • When the consumer wants to refinance their loan , switch lenders at ...

Home Listening Device

October 19th, 2015
Many Realtors and Clients are wondering if their private conversations are being over heard as they priview prospective homes for purchase?

How to bug a home with a cell phone (compliments of "eHow")

1. set your cell phone to auto answer.

2. turn you cell phone ringer and vibrator off.

3. plug the hands-free unit into the phone.

4. place the phone in an area where you expect to hear conversation.

5 ...

Drug Houses/Grow Op's

October 19th, 2015

Marijuana Plants at Balzac.jpgDrug Houses/ Grow Op’s

           A count of known drug homes or grow ops (Calgary Health Authority) probably provides (my guesstimate) less than 25 per cent of the city wide count. This is the current challenge for home buyers.

          Calling for professional inspections, being personally aware of tell-tale signs and using realtor sources to identify such properties are all good approac ...

Home Insurance

October 17th, 2015

Some home buyer's assume that purchasing a home insurance policy is something to be done just before the move in date. Often this works just fine.

Following this just before schedule and the home insurance application is rejected, what then? The mortgage company will not fund the mortgage without home insurance. The buyer has already ready removed his mortgage approval condition and has no rec ...